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Talya Mayfield

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My introduction to yoga began in 2015 when I was searching for a different type of physical activity. I’d began struggling with plantar fasciitis for the first time and couldn’t imagine not being able to move my body as I so enjoyed, due to a physical ailment. I tried yoga attempting to “get a new workout” in and found so much more.
My first class began at Twisted Juniper in May of 2016. I walked in to a warm, calm, and welcoming group of people that
seemed genuinely happy to invite me to their “workout”. (I later learned this was called a practice). Emily guided me through
my first class and encouraged me to hold poses and positions I would usually move right through. This was different. I felt the physicality my body yearned for, but there was also this peace, and ease that surrounded me as I laid in savassana (meditation) for the last few minutes of class. I still struggle to define that feeling, but it’s one that has brought me to my mat routinely since.
As a certified fitness instructor I jumped at opportunities to teach traditional fitness classes at Emily’s studio, but my curiosity consistently yearned to understand the physical and mental evolutions taking place within me.
Without hesitation, I jumped at the opportunity to start yoga teacher training at Twisted Juniper. Through this process I have become more aware physically and mentally. In studying about the different spiritual realms of this ancient practice, I’ve become stronger in my personal walk with God. I believe that God holds the world and all in it and am forever grateful for this journey bringing me closer to his goodness and will for my life.
Maybe you’re coming to yoga just for a “workout” like me. Whatever your reason for coming to your mat, I encourage you to come with an open mind and explore the different facets offered through this practice.
My favorite pose is wheel.

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