Twisted Juniper Yoga

Explore Your Inner Energy

Twisted Juniper Yoga in Hannibal, Missouri offers high quality yoga and meditation instruction in an intimate and non-competitive environment.  Our intention is to create a space for ourselves and others to cultivate a deeper connection with our higher selves through practice and community.  

We offer a variety of class styles to ensure the accessibility of our studio.  Classes range from beginner’s introductory series, to all-levels restorative, to advanced level flow.  We also provide guided meditation classes and workshops on various topics.  These offerings provide both the students and instructors alike to benefit from the abundance of knowledge, which defines the yogic tradition.

New Classes and New Instructors at Twisted Juniper Yoga

Twisted Juniper is growing.  Several of us just received our certification in Barre Fitness.  We haven't delayed in adding 30 minute barre classes to the schedule.  Deb Burton, Talya Mayfield, Kelsey St. Clair, and I are teaching these amazing, booty burning, torso toning, arm strengthening classes.

Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:45-11:15

Tuesday at 12-12:30

Wednesday at 4:45

Thursday at 5:15

Deb Burton is also teaching Pilates on Monday evenings at 4:45.  This hour long core strengthening class is a good complement to yoga and other routines as well.


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Scheduling classes can be a tricky task.  There are class times that are well attended and some that are not.  I have heard some discussion in the studio of more convenient times and, of course, there are individuals that aren't yet customers because the current offering does not fit their schedules.  In light of all this I am asking for your input.  Click to take Class Schedule Survey



2 weeks to a More Mindful You!

Learn how to be more aware and less stressed with an introductory class in Mindfulness. This mindfulness program will be held Monday through Thursday at Noon for 30 minutes each. Each day has a unique focus: " Mindful Monday", "Take 10 Tuesday, "Walking Wednesday," and " Thankful Thursday". Participants can choose to add Friday Rest, Restore, Revitalize Yoga to this program at their liking. The program will begin Monday May 11 and end on May 22. The 2 week session is $20 or $12 for one week, or $5 for a drop in.

Harmony through Sound and Energy Medicine Awaken the Ancient Healer within

Join Patti Pellerito and Twisted Juniper Yoga for a program of deep physical and mental relaxation, through the breath, vocal toning (self created sounds), Qigong (internal energy art system) and sound meditation. Sound waves from Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gongs increase the energy in the space, magnifying our intentions, and also engage and entrain our brainwave state to a lower frequency, so that we may enter into a meditative state more deeply. This practice promotes a relaxation response, increased creativity, restful sleep and enhanced dreams. You will come away with a sound healing practice and qigong sequence for clearing energy, cultivating, restoring and strengthening your life force energy.


When:        May 9 from 2:30-4:30pm

Where:       Twisted Juniper Yoga, 2319 Broadway Hannibal

What to bring:    a blanket, pillow, eye bag (optional), anything to make you most comfortable

Price:          $25 Pre-registration is required & space is limited

Register with Emily at 573-719-8545  

Chakra Meditation Starts 10/21 at 4:30

Chakra Meditation starts tomorrow at 4:30pm.  I am really excited about this series and will be incorporating the weekly theme into our asana classes!  This week is the root chakra. It is the energy center located at the base of the spine and is associated with survival and security and strength.  When the root chakra is balanced, we feel energized, centered, grounded, and alive!  Come find balance on your mat and and in your life by joining the meditation series or just committing to the next 7 weeks of asana practice.