Twisted Juniper Yoga

Explore Your Inner Energy

Twisted Juniper Yoga in Hannibal, Missouri offers high quality yoga and meditation instruction in an intimate and non-competitive environment.  Our intention is to create a space for ourselves and others to cultivate a deeper connection with our higher selves through practice and community.  

We offer a variety of class styles to ensure the accessibility of our studio.  Classes range from beginner’s introductory series, to all-levels restorative, to advanced level flow.  We also provide guided meditation classes and workshops on various topics.  These offerings provide both the students and instructors alike to benefit from the abundance of knowledge, which defines the yogic tradition.


A high-energy, fun, and challenging 30 minute routine that incorporates the best of ballet, pilates, and yoga, as well as strength and flexibility training using a ballet barre. This total body conditioning technique will transform and sculpt your entire body.

Every Classes include a series of upper body exercises using light weights ( or none at all if prefered), a sculpting lower body series utilizing the ballet barre, core work on the mat, and of course stretching to maintain flexibility. It is a low impact modality that targets postural alignment  and is accessible for all levels of fitness! 


This 30 minute yoga class will strengthen the upper body, tone the tummy, and redefine the booty.   Each class utilizes yoga poses as the foundation then adds strengthening sequences to turn on the tapas(heat).  Light weights are incorporated into the upper body series.  Open to anyone, at any level.